Relief and Education for Afghan Children
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Please consider donating to REACH to help with financing the building of the seventh school !!
The money you donate today will forever change the life of a child - it will give them the skills they need to be successful in life.  Multiple research projects have clearly shown that educating girls is the most direct way to change society.  
 How do we select a village in which to finance a school?
Over the years we have used a variety of criteria to select the next village in which we will finance a school.  The criteria  we use are:
1. Girls mut be educated
2. The villagers must provide the             majority of the labor for free
3. Land must be donated to build         the school, and the school will be       given to the Ministry of Education
  REACH focuses school building efforts in the rural areas of Afghanistan which, in general, have been given a lower priority for school construction by the government. According to the Afghan Central Statistics Office, Afghanistan’s population of approximately 22.5 million people has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. More than 11 million Afghans over the age of 15 cannot read or write.
Today, thousands of communities across Afghanistan have no access to schools due to lack of resources, the distance to a functioning school, or lack of security, resulting in nearly half the population of school children being out of school. Additionally, the majority of school buildings are substandard. The implications of this lack of education can be felt in all spheres of life—from health care to governance. 
The diverse experiences, local in-country connections, and passion of REACH Board members make for a compelling organization – one that is effective and has little overhead, as all Board members donate their time and cover most costs of fundraising and supplies.
REACH has chosen to work in rural areas around Herat, in NW Afghanistan. We chose this area because Board Members have close connections in this area; this helps us to select school sites and monitor construction progress at no cost.


We finance the building of schools that promise to educate girls in rural Northwest Afghanistan. 

These schools are built by villagers that want their girls educated - they contact the REACH representative in the Herat area and request we fund a school in their village.
We are currently starting to raise money for the seventh school costruction.  Although the village where the school will be built ihas not yet been selected, it will continue to be in the Herat area, as this is where our representative is located.

     REACH is dedicated to educating children, especially girls, in rural Afghanistan.  REACH started raising money to help villagers build schools in rural areas of Afghanistan in 2002.

Rural areas, in general, have been given a lower priority for school construction by the government due to limited resources.  We have provided the funding for six schools in the rural area around Herat, Afghanistan.  There are now over 1400 students enrolled in the schools we have financed.  We are currently raising funds for a seventh school.
In rural areas, where three-fourths of all Afghans live, 90 percent of the women and more than 60 percent of the men are illiterate. Under Taliban rule, girls were not permitted to go to school.  Girls (as well as boys) now can attend school, and there is a hunger for education by everyone - girls and boys, as well as their parents.

REACH provides the funds to build the school, villagers build the school to the Afghan Ministry of Education standards, and the Ministry provides teachers for the students. 

REACH was started when our Founder's daughter in Afghanistan was trying to teach young girls how to read/write and do sums in a falling-down building, and he wanted to help provide her with a space more conducive to learning.  We have grown from there.
REACH is composed of people who want the children of rural Afghanistan, especially girls, to receive an education.  The organization was founded by Dr Aaf, whose daughter in the rural Herat area of Afghanistan was teaching young girls basic reading, writing and arithmetic in an abandoned, broken down home.  

He thought that he could help her do a better job of teaching by contacting friends in the US who had grown up in Afghanistan and ask them to donate money so a building specifically designed as a school could be built.  A group of eight people responded to his request, and the first school was on it's way.  This first school had 800 students, and cost $11,000 to build.

Over time, non-Afghan people joined the Board, and the Board now has both Afghan and US born Board Members.  The Board meets a minimum of four times a year, plus numerous phone and email contacts in between.

We welcome anyone who has a desire to see girls of rural Afghanistan educated - whether to serve on the Board or be a general member and willing to help with various fund raising projects we have during the year.