Relief and Education for Afghan Children
REACH is dedicated to educating children, especially girls, in rural Afghanistan.  REACH is a grass roots organization started by Afghan expatriates in the United States, and is now composed of both Afghans and non-Afghans.  Money is almost wholly raised in the US, with nearly 100% going toward construction costs, some building upgrades and, occasionally, student school supplies.  A small amount of money is used for printing of informative materials.

Building a school is a complex process involving site selection and actual construction.  When a village approaches REACH for funding of a school, the following steps follow.  REACH helps villages that clarify what they are asking for, inform them of the criteria for funding from REACH, then help them work with the Afghan Ministry of Education. As a first step, a board member or representative will visit the village that is a likely candidate for REACH funding to determine the willingness of the local citizens to support and sustain a school project.

After village approval by the REACH board (we look at village commitment to educating girls, realistic construction plans, etc.), detailed negotiations with village elders are conducted to secure the necessary land, and to arrange for materials and labor.  To help make the school belong to the village, REACH requires that at least 50% of the labor must be donated by villagers.  When skilled workers do not live in the village, REACH will provide additional funds to hire people with these skills to supplement village-donated labor.  The school is built to the Ministry of Education Standards, using plans provided by the District Government.

After a school has been built, the Ministry of Education assumes responsibility for the school and provides teacher salaries, desks, books and other operational expenses.

Although REACH has no office, all Board Members will answer any questions you have.  We have chosen to have no office or paid staff so all money donated will go toward school construction.  We can be contacted in the following ways:

  1. Noor Aaf, MD, PA-C
    Founder, Past President
    Noor started REACH as a way to help provide education to girls in rural Afghanistan. Trained as a Surgeon in Afghanistan.
  2. Jim Hunziker
    I have been involved with REACH since 2004. I strongly believe that the person-to-person way of financing schools is the most effective. Currently an ARNP.
  3. Tom Sakata
    Vice President
    Has been on the Board since 2005. Was a Boeing Engineer until retirement.
  4. M. Yahya Anwar
    One of the founding board members. Trained as an Engineer in the US, currently an engineer at Boeing.
  5. Assad Kazimi, MD
    Trained as a Physician in Afghanistan, now a Gerontologist in Washington. One of the founding members
  6. Kabir Siddiqui
    Board Member
    Works at Microsoft. One of the founding members
  7. Najib Stoman, MD, PA
    Board Member
    Trained as a surgeon in Afghanistan. Long-time board member
  8. Abdul Chahim
    Board Member
    Trained as a civil engineer in Afghanistan. One of the founding members.