Relief and Education for Afghan Children
  1. Shakiban-e Tajiki
    Shakiban-e Tajiki
    This is the first school we helped finance, and currently it teaches 800 girls through 12th grade. Initially, it taught both girls and boys, but became exclusively a girls’ school after another school for boys was built.
  2. Chah-Sawol
    When opened, the school had 75 students enrolled, both girls and boys. As security in more remote areas declined, it become difficult to recruit and retain teachers for this village. The Ministry of Education is currently recruiting teachers for this school. The village is 50km from Herat.
  3. Bozone Olia
    Bozone Olia
    Currently, there are 64 students enrolled in the school
  4. Dehsorkh
    Dehsorkh is a village just off the highway going west from Herat towards Iran. Although Dehsorkh had a school for boys, Girls were being taught in an abandoned house. This school was initially planned as an all-girls’ school, but after opening, boys were also enrolled. The school has seven classrooms.
  5. Taqui Naqui
    Taqui Naqui
    The village of Taqui Naqui lacked a primary school for their children. Having heard of REACH’s successes in school building projects in nearby villages, elders of Taqui Naqui approached our local contact, Abdul Fattah, to request financial help and to coordinate the project. The school has 5 active class, two teachers from Taqui Naqui and 3 teachers from the neighborhood village. Some students are now going to a neighboring village for high school. Within few years these students will be going to the university.
  6. Kamar Kalaq
    Kamar Kalaq
    This is the 6th school. It was built quickly as villagers are construction workers in Iran during much of the year.
  7. Sharif Abad
    Sharif Abad
    This is the 7th school that was financed, and students are now able to learn in a classroom (vs. being taught outdoors).